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Cartridge Dust Collector
Equipment Introduction

Available for:Bulky waste, garden waste, etc.

Equipment description:

Dust cover and negative pressure suction ports are set at the points where dust may occur and gather, such as the inlet and outlet of the equipment, and sealed connections are used to prevent dust leakage, so that the emission index of particulate matter can be controlled within 20mg/m³.

Characterized by:
1、High dust removal efficiency, low air leakage rate, good economic benefit and strong safety, and easy to maintain.
2、Automatic dust collection; online and offline cleaning realizes by compressed air pulse back-blowing.
3、The filter is easy to disassembly and change; the material of the filter matches well with filtering media, with the service life more than a year; 
4、Corresponding explosion-proof measures shall be taken to ensure safety.
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