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  • Cartridge Dust Collector
    Features: Dust cover, negative pressure suction ports and sealed connections are mounted; the emission index of particulate matter can be controlled within10mg/m³.
  • Bag-type Dust Collector
    Features: running automatically, low air consumption, cleaning thoroughly, performing steadily, easy operation.
  • Foam Cold Press
    Features: High compression ratio, no chemical addition in need, no odor.
  • Fully Automatic Baling Press
    Features: Continuous compression without stopping; storage room is saved and easy to maintain; convenient to operate with PLC.
  • High Efficiency Solid-liquid Separator
    Features: physical extrusion dehydration, no additional heat source is in need, resulting in energy consumption reduction.
  • Electrical Controller
    Features: power distribution system, PLC control system, centralized control system are all set with high compatibility and interface set aside.