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  • C&D Waste Crusher
    Features: Excellent in crushing hard-and-soft-mixed waste into grain similar in size.
  • Industrial Waste Crusher
    Features: Available to cut kinds of soft or hard waste; with low speed high torque, stable, low noise, compact in design.
  • Bag-breaking crusher
    Features: Widely applicable, compact in design; low speed high torque, high transfer efficiency; imported NiCrMo-made blade, wear-resistant.
  • Turbine-type Crushing and Separating Machine for Gypsum Boards
    Separating rate is over 95%, realizing fine-crushing and separating at the same time.
  • Crusher for large-sized waste
    High efficient in volume-reduction, powerful in crushing; grain size controllable; optional press device improving crushing efficiency.
  • Crusher for household waste ( Helios Japan)
    Features: Tip exchange type cutter, hard facing type cutter or induction hardened cutter is able to be chosen depending on grain size in crushing and operation conditions.