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Industrial Waste
Industrial waste refers to the solid waste discharged by the factory during the production process. Such as cutting debris, grinding debris, waste sand, etc. in the machinery industry, activated carbon residue and silicates in the food industry, waste fabrics and leather produced by the clothing industry. At present, the annual production of general industrial solid waste in China has exceeded 1.5 billion tons, of which resource utilization accounts for only a small part, and most of the industrial solid waste is dumped and discarded, buried or stored for future treatment. Due to the complex and diverse composition of industrial waste, high value-added materials, low value-added materials and completely worthless impurities mixed together, resulting in high value-added garbage and higher disposal costs, how to efficiently separate these materials with different added value from industrial waste has become a major difficulty in resource disposal.

Mixed industrial waste resource disposal technology
Resource utilization

Industrial waste can be recycled from metal, wood, etc. through resource disposal technology; High calorific value waste is recycled into high-quality "alternative fuels" (RDF/SRF); At the end of the treatment, some residue, compost and other substances will be produced.

Process features

01. The crushing system has wide adaptability: it has the characteristics of low speed and high torque, stable operation, low noise and compact structure, and can match a variety of driving modes, can crush a variety of soft and hard materials, and has high crushing efficiency.
02. Patented blade technology: the integrated blade using high-frequency heat treatment overlay welding technology independently developed by Vancen and the patented overlay welding repair technology of Vancen, the tool has a long service life and low maintenance cost.

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    Fixed disposal line-Building Materials Recycling Center in Anji, Zhejiang
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