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Construction Waste
With the continuous improvement of urbanization level in China and the continuous expansion of urban area, the demolition and renovation of old urban areas and the primary land development of new urban areas have led to a rapid growth rate of building demolition area in China over the past 10 years. According to the "Technical Specification for Construction Waste Treatment" issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development, the estimated amount of construction waste in China in 2021 is 3.534-4.516 billion tons, it is urgent to making the resource utilization and disposal of construction waste. In order to achieve the "14th Five Year Plan for the Construction of " Waste free City "during the" 14th Five Year Plan "period, the country has included the recycling technology of construction waste into the" 14th Five Year Plan Key R&D Projects ".

Construction and demolition waste resource disposal technology
Resource utilization

The construction waste can produce different specifications of construction aggregate, recycled brick, recycled concrete, slag, etc. through the recycling disposal technology, the sorted waste metal can be sold, and the light materials can be further recycled.

Process features

01. Multi-step sorting: first breaking and then screening, screening and classification, fine sorting, then breaking and screening again, aggregate is more pure.
Intelligent control: central control system, AI intelligent sorting robot, high degree of automation.
Mature process: adhere to all tested principles in engineering design, choose mature and reliable process technology.
Simple and convenient: simple processing route, convenient operation.

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80% of customers are interested in the following equipment
  • C&D Waste Crusher
  • AI Separating Robot for Decoration Waste
  • AI Separating Robot for Recyclables
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88% of customers visited the following project cases
  • 200,000tons/y
    C&D Waste, Large-sized and Landscape Waste Co-recycling Project
  • 600,000tons/y
    C&D Waste Recycling Line for 2021 Winter Olympics in Yanqing, Beijing
  • 400,000tons/y
    Fixed disposal line-Building Materials Recycling Center in Anji, Zhejiang
  • 750,000tons/y
    C&D Waste Recycling Base in Rongchang District, Chongqing