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MSW Waste
With the improvement of the quality of life economy, a large amount of MSW waste has become a problem that plagues people. General waste incineration, composting, and landfill disposal are neither environmentally friendly nor economical, and have a great impact on the environment. Now, with the increasing maturity of MSW waste sorting equipment technology, the sorting and treatment of domestic waste can now be realized. Compared with traditional treatment methods, the new MSW waste sorting equipment has small investment and high efficiency. MSW waste sorting equipment is more suitable for China's environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction control policies, to realize the reduction, harmlessness and resource recycling of MSW waste.

MSW waste resource disposal process
Resource utilization

Household waste can produce muck, gravel, light matter and waste meta, through resource disposal technology.

Process features

01. Introducing Japan's advanced high-frequency overlay welding repair technology, the tool head has a longer service life and lower maintenance costs.
02. According to customer needs, the primary or secondary crushing can be selected, the minimum crushing particle size can reach less than 80mm, the crushed particle size is small, and the incineration is more uniform.
03. Learn from the German MSW waste screening technology, the process of secondary screening + secondary sorting, and the material sorting efficiency is high.

  • Muck
  • Gravel
  • Light material
  • Waste metal
80% of customers are interested in the following equipment
  • C&D Waste Crusher
  • AI Separating Robot for Decoration Waste
  • AI Separating Robot for Recyclables
  • Cartridge Dust Collector
88% of customers visited the following project cases
  • 200,000tons/y
    C&D Waste, Large-sized and Landscape Waste Co-recycling Project
  • 600,000tons/y
    C&D Waste Recycling Line for 2021 Winter Olympics in Yanqing, Beijing
  • 400,000tons/y
    Fixed disposal line-Building Materials Recycling Center in Anji, Zhejiang
  • 750,000tons/y
    C&D Waste Recycling Base in Rongchang District, Chongqing