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C&D, Decoration and Large-sized Waste
Business Mode: Collaborative operation

C&D, decoration and bulky waste share crushing and muti-step separating system. The 3 lines can run separately or simultaneously, realizing economy, efficiency, purity and cleanliness of aggregate.

Recyclables & Industrial Waste & Waste Recycling Resource
Business Mode: Full-chain Operation of Recyclables, Industrial Waste and Renewable

Stale Waste
Business Model: EPC

As for aged landfill waste, Vancen is providing services of prephase investigation, sampling analysis, solutions, excavation, separating, site repair, in which buildings, equipment, facilities, management, safety, maintenance, resources, etc. are all included based on workload.

Organic Kitchen Waste
Business Model: Integrated Disposal and Operation

We operate projects of organic wastes recycling include kitchen waste, farm production market waste, garden waste and straw in the mode of BOT or PPP, integrating collection, transportation and disposal.

Different techniques such as Anaerobic fermentation, microbial aerobic fermentation, aerobic composting will be adopted based on different kinds of waste.

We create a new mode of Four in one, Intra-regional digestion, i.e. integrating urban sanitation, garbage disposal, fertilizer processing, ecological agriculture into one system.

Waste Transfer Station by Vancen

Applicable to recyclables, large-size waste, food and kitchen waste, and other waste from communities.


Low-carbon Circular Economy Industrial Park by Vancen

Applicable to C&D waste, large-size waste, industrial waste and recyclables, etc..


Intelligent Operation
  Our intelligent operation management system, based on Internet of Things + Internet of Things and central integrated controlling technology, can realize comprehensive management of people, machines and things on visualization, digitization, informatization and intelligentialization.Comprehensive command and scheduling can be realized through real-time monitoring, GPS positioning, real-time data transmission, alarm system and other online data statistics methods.Intelligent summary and report of waste classification information can be realized through big data statistics and vertical comparison.Data collected provides effective support for smart city management and help waste classification management.5G interfaces have been reserved for the need in future.
  • Digitization
    Data collector is equipped in the line, so that an accurate analysis can be realized based on input and output。
  • Informatization
    Sensors equipped in lines transmit real-time data, warning maintenance and ensures steadily running.
  • Visualization
    Images from cameras are transferred to the central control room, which assures visualization of the whole plant and help ensure safety work.
  • Intelligentialization
    Hadoop analysis can be used for input of production decision and smart city management