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Vancen has industry-leading process technology, strong capital strength, and professional operation and management team, with rich experience in municipal and industrial construction project management and on-site operation, which can provide the society with overall solutions and multi-mode integrated services for operation in the field of waste management.
  • That is, Building-Owning-Operation, invested by Vancen and undertaken the design, construction, operation, maintenance, training and other work of the project, the property rights of hardware equipment and software systems belong to Vancen, and the government department is responsible for macro coordination, creating the environment, and putting forward needs, and the government department only needs to pay the relevant usage fees to Vancen every year.
  • That is, the general contracting mode of the project, the business model of Engineering-Procurement-Construction, Vancen is responsible for the whole process or several stages of contracting of engineering construction project design, procurement construction, trial operation, etc., and the entire project is handed over to the owner after the construction is completed, but Vancen does not participate in the later operation and management.
  • That is, Build-Operate-Transfer, Vanhen participates in infrastructure construction, signs a concession agreement with the government department on the project, undertakes the investment, financing, construction and maintenance of the project, permits the financing of the construction and operation of specific public infrastructure during the concession period specified in the agreement, and allows to repay the loan by charging users or selling products to recover investment and earn profits. Upon expiry of the concession period, Vancen will transfer the infrastructure free or paid to the government department.