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Goldenma was invited to atten the Suzhou Online Dialogue on Global Industrial Chain Collaboration
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At 9:00 a.m. on May 18, the event Suzhou Online Dialogue on Global Industrial Chain Collaboration was grandly held at the International Expo Center of Suzhou Industrial Park. As a representative enterprise of the intelligent equipment industry, Taicang Goldenma Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was invited to attend and complete the order signing.

The event site focused on the five industrial chains of bio-medicine and high-end medical devices, software and integrated circuits, new displays, automobiles and parts, and intelligent equipment, completed projects and orders totaling nearly 400 billion RMB. Among them, the intelligent equipment industry chain completed 38.053 billion orders signed, under the witness of Secretary Lan Shaomin and Mayor Li Yaping, the customer signed a purchase order for a complete set of MSW waste sorting and disposal equipment with Goldenma. The disposal equipment is a newly developed product of the company, which can effectively solve the classification of dry and wet waste in community and transfer stations, and is an important achievement of Goldenma to practice the corporate mission of "Making waste a useful resource"

Relying on a good industrial foundation, Suzhou has unique advantages in the development of intelligent equipment, not only gathering a large number of high-end intelligent equipment manufacturers, intelligent equipment also has a large-scale market and application demand in Suzhou. Goldenma, which started early in the field of intelligent equipment, has provided cooperation and supporting facilities for the world's top 500 equipment enterprises for many years, has excellent product quality, and has been rated as an excellent high-tech enterprise with German cooperation. In recent years, through joint venture cooperation and technology introduction with Japanese and German enterprises, Taicang Goldenma has independently developed and manufactured solid waste crushing, intelligent sorting and conveying equipment and complete sets of recycling disposal equipment, which are widely used in various solid waste recycling disposal fields, and carried out EPC, BOT, PPP and other forms of business cooperation mode. Customers are all over the world!

Taicang Goldenma is based on the forefront of equipment manufacturing industry and actively carries out global layout, which is a strong backing for the professional technology and complete equipment production of the group as an overall solution provider of urban solid waste. Goldenma will adhere to the development strategy of "Scientific and Technological Innovation", further improve the layout of the intelligent equipment industry chain, enhance the added value of products, and make greater contributions to the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing in Suzhou.