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The company was approved as a key special project for supporting carbon peak and carbon neutrality science and technology in Suzhou, and took the lead in using carbon reduction and carbon sequestration technology in the field of solid waste recycling!
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Recently, Suzhou issued a key special project document for carbon peak and carbon neutrality science and technology support, and the project of "Integration and Demonstration of Construction Waste Efficient Classification, Carbon Reduction and Resource Utilization Technology" undertaken by Goldenma Equipment, the parent company of Vancen, was successfully approved, becoming the first enterprise in Suzhou to use carbon reduction and carbon sequestration technology in the field of solid waste recycling.

Work together to overcome technical problems

Promote the "dual carbon" goal of circular economy

The "Integration and Demonstration of Technology Integration and Demonstration of Efficient Classification and Carbon Reduction Resources of Construction Waste" declared by Goldenma Equipment (Parent Company of Vancen) this time aims to overcome the technical bottleneck of the existing construction solid waste disposal difficulty, low resource utilization rate, and immature carbon removal and carbon reduction technology, and use "C+S" technology to produce high-quality recycled aggregates through multi-source waste collaborative disposal to achieve high-value application of construction waste materials; The "3F-CR" carbon reduction technology is used to realize the carbon reduction and reuse of recycled aggregates, and the overall project realizes the digital cloud platform control and empowerment through the centralized control system, and promotes the development of efficient classification and carbon reduction resource technology of construction waste.

It is reported that the technical achievement comes from the Vancen & Tongji University Construction Solid Waste High-quality Innovation Institute, a number of Dr. Studied PhD in Germany, Japanese technical experts, international environmental experts and domestic industry top technical personnel and many universities domestic and abroad to carry out relevant industry-university-research cooperation, through theory combined with practice to study the carbon sequestration technology of recycled aggregates, carry out practical tests in a number of project sites, establish the connection between the modification effect of carbon sequestration recycled aggregates, determine the optimal carbon sequestration effect, and make a major breakthrough in key core technologies.

Industrialization and application of carbon reduction technology of recycled aggregates
Promote the transformation and upgrading of the circular economy

Through practical testing: construction waste has carbon sequestration capacity, especially waste concrete carbon sequestration capacity is stronger, in the current high carbon emissions, carbon reduction, no carbon, carbon removal and other technologies are insufficient, construction waste resource utilization at the same time carbon reduction, carbon sequestration, will provide new impetus for China to achieve the "dual carbon" goal. The implementation of the technology of this project can reduce the area occupied by 150 mu, reduce mine mining by 300,000 square meters, reduce river sand excavation by 150,000 square meters per million tons of construction waste, and at the same time reduce carbon emissions by 40,000 tons and sequester 4,000 tons, practicing the development concept of circular low-carbon economy "green water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains".

At present, the company has gradually applied the newly developed construction aggregate carbon reduction and carbon sequestration technology in Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Chongqing and other projects for practical testing, the smooth implementation and large-scale application of this technology to promote the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality in Jiangsu Province, promote the transformation and upgrading of China's circular economy, and play an important role in the steady development of ecological environment and civilized society.

Scientific and technological innovation provides inexhaustible power for the rapid development of enterprises

As a high-end equipment intelligent manufacturing enterprise, the company has always focused on the development strategy of "science and technology strengthen enterprises, innovation driven", continued to increase investment in scientific research, the company's R & D team introduced a number of doctors and overseas returned professional talents and has successively carried out in-depth cooperation with Tongji University, Nanjing University Environmental Planning Institute, Taicang Chinese Academy of Sciences Computing Research Institute and many other domestic universities and institutes to comprehensively improve scientific and technological innovation capabilities.

At present, the company has more than 100 invention and utility model patents, is the main drafting unit of a national standard and four industry standards for construction waste resource disposal technology, won the first prize of science and technology progress of China Circular Economy Association, and the products were selected into the advanced technology and equipment catalog of the four ministries and commissions of the country, passed the identification of the first (set) major equipment of Suzhou Wuxi Changzhou, was selected into the Jiangsu Provincial Government Innovative Product Procurement Catalog, and was rated as the most growing high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province in 2021. The company has successively won the honorary titles of "Solid Waste Engineering Technology Center", "Enterprise Technology Center", "Mountain goat Enterprise" and "Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise".

Goldenma Equipment (the parent company of Vancen) was approved as a key special project for supporting carbon peak and carbon neutrality science and technology in Suzhou, and took the lead in using carbon reduction and carbon sequestration technology in the field of solid waste recycling, stemming from the company's adherence to independent innovation for many years, continuous cultivation of solid waste resource disposal technology and technology, insistence on driving the continuous upgrading of the industry with technological innovation, and giving full play to the role of demonstration and driving. Next, each project will start the research and practice work as planned, and apply the technical results of the project research to all parts of the country, strive to successfully conclude the project within the specified time, and make due contributions to the high-quality development of solid waste resource disposal technology and the greater role of circular economy in the defense of the "dual carbon goal"