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Technical Team

We are proudly having a number of outstanding experts and professionals from Germany, Japan and China working for us.

Working together with universities and institutes on R&D, e.g. partnered with Tongji University, founded an research Institute devoted to high-quality, low-carbon and innovative recycling of C&D waste; Entered into cooperation with German-China Talent and Technology Center, which provides an efficient communication platform for technology improvement and policy study of Germany and China, and provides technical support for the innovation and development of our solid waste recycling technology. 

  • Optimal Crushing
  • Intelligent Screening and Separation
  • Conveying, feeding and Storage
  • AI Identification
  • Complete System Integrating
  • Intelligent Production & Operating Management
Optimal Crushing
We have independently developed our own efficient core technology of solid waste crushing; We imported core pretreatment technology through deep cooperation with a Japanese company-Helios, which has more than 70 years of history in this field; We employed R&D team from Japan, developed series of competitive crushing equipment, tailored to our local solid waste and policy. Products Series: our crushers are characterized of efficient, stable, energy-saving and rich-varied for your options, integrated with patented technologies, e.g. intelligent pressing, small-gap shearing, densely-packed blades and shafts, gap fast-adjusting, etc. Working principle: by cutting and shredding, combined to other processing, particles are crushed into smaller grains, realizing reduction, hazard-free and recycling disposal. Features: self-developed hard-coating cutter with a long useful life up to 2 years, easy and cost-competitive maintenance.
Intelligent Screening and Separation
Working principle: separating particles of useful, wasted, hazardous, hazardous-free,, etc. based on different properties- magnetic and nonmagnetic, big and small, light and heavy, etc. Our separating and screening systems are inclusive of roller screen, dish screen, astrolabe screen, tension screen, vibration screen, bounce screen, wind separator, magnetic separator, vortex separator, and so on, which are developed based on physical properties of solid waste - size, shape, weight, density, optical, magnetic, etc.
Conveying, feeding and Storage
Function: conveying and feeding solid waste from one machine to another and temporarily storing. Common conveying, feeding and storage equipment are inclusive of belt conveyor, plate chain conveyor, chain belt, rotary conveyor, screw conveyor, used for particles conveying from one machine to another. We customize adaptive conveying and feeding system based on weight, diameters, strength of wear, etc., to meet different needs.
AI Identification
AI identification and separating technology is based on high-end sensor technique, ultra-high speed real-time AI acceleration technique, cloud data learning technique, high precision real-time robot control technique, to realize accurate identification and dynamic ultra-high-speed grabbing of solid waste. It is an innovation of current technology and powerful technology for future waste separating and recycling. 13 collection and enhancement techniques, 15 recognition and analysis algorithms, 7 AI analysis algorithms, which can be combined freely according to sizes and shapes of the waste, realizing self-adaptive accurate identification and dynamic ultra-high-speed grabbing.
Complete System Integrating
Our mature integrated design process of production line can perfectly realize the proper connection, consistent parameters and smooth data flow between single machines, optimize separating effect and processing capacity. Our self-developed intelligent operation management system can realize management of single machine interfaces, ensure production lines stable running and handle abnormalities. Visible Integrating process and structure assure operators easy acceptance of the operation and get started quickly.
Intelligent Production & Operating Management
Our intelligent operation management system, based on Internet + Internet of Things and central integrated controlling technology, can realize comprehensive management of people, machines and things on visualization, digitization, informatization and intelligentializatio. Comprehensive command and scheduling can be realized through real-time monitoring, GPS positioning, real-time data transmission, alarm system and other online data statistics methods. Intelligent summary and report of waste classification information can be realized through big data statistics and vertical comparison. Data collected provides effective support for smart city management and help waste classification management. 5G interfaces have been reserved for the need in future.

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Optimal separating and Carbon-reduction Recycling Technology for C&D waste

CR Technological Path of C&D Waste Recycling

This technology is listed as the key Technology program of Suzhou peak emissions and carbon neutralityand shall not be reproduced without permission.