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VANCEN Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

       Vancen Environment Technology Co., Ltd. is an Equipment & Operation Supplier for Low-carbon Optimized Solid Waste Resources integrating R&D design, equipment manufacturing, complete set integration, engineering installation and investment operation services, committed to construction and decoration waste, large-sized landscape waste, stale waste, recyclables, waste recycled materials, MSW waste compression transfer station and other solid waste fields to provide customers with one-stop services, and provides advanced technology and equipment in the national environmental protection new infrastructure "Filling Gaps" project.

       The company takes the lead in the research and development of "Dual Carbon" project in the industry, applies "C+S" high-efficiency crushing and precise screening technology, intelligent sorting technology with accurate identification and dynamic ultra-high-speed grabbing, "3F-CR" carbon reduction and carbon sequestration technology, and through smart operation management system to realize digital cloud platform control and empowerment, promote the construction of intelligent and digital "Waste-free City", and realize the corporate vision of "Recycling Technology Creates Value for Customers". The company has more than 150 patents and various kinds of copyrights, is the main drafting or participating unit of multiple national and industry standards, has been awarded the titles of specialized and innovative enterprise, science and technology little giant, mountain goat enterprise, the most growing high-tech enterprise and other titles, many technologies have won the scientific and technological progress awards and reached the international advanced level through the new products and new technologies appraisal, shortlisted in the "Catalog of Advanced Technology and Equipment of National Four Ministries and Commissions ", and fulfilled the mission of "science and technology make cities more environmentally friendly and lives better".

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Development History
Development History
  • Jul. 2022
    Approved as one of the Suzhou’s key technology-supporting projects in Carbon Peak and carbon neutrality, taking the lead in the use of carbon reduction and carbon fixation technology in the field of solid waste.
  • Jun. 2022
    Received the “First prize of Science and Technology Award” by China Circular Economy Association.
  • Jan. 2022
    Horored as Jiangsu province-level "the Most Fastly-Growing High-tech Enterprise" in 2021.
  • Nov. 2021
    Recognized as Suzhou City-level “Industrial Design Center” in 2021
  • Aug. 2021
    Qualified as “Professional Contracting Qualification for Construction Mechanical and Electrical Installation Grade I”.
  • Jul. 2021
    Listed as “Small and Medium-sized Scientific and Technical Enterprise”
  • Jun. 2021
    Approved as BAT for National Construction Solid Waste Recycling
  • Apr. 2021
    Awarded as the Enterprise and Brand of 2020 in Waste Recycling.
  • Mar. 2021
    Honored as one of the “Mountain Goats” in 2020
  • Mar. 2021
    Jointly with Tongji University, founded Vancen Research Institute devoted to high-quality, low-carbon and innovative recycling of C&D waste
  • Mar. 2021
    Celebrated the 15th anniversary.
  • Dec. 2020
    Won the bidding of the 1st C&D waste recycling project in Southern Jiangsu
  • Nov. 2020
    Setter of national“Technical Requirements of Complete Equipment for the Production of Recycled Aggregate for C&D Waste”
  • Sept. 2020
    Signed strategic cooperation agreeement with Nanjing Agricultural University
  • Aug. 2020
    Qualified as “Environmentally Professional Contracting Qualification Grade III”
  • Mar. 2020
    Signed the 1st household waste recycling project in Shandong.
  • Jan. 2020
    Awarded as the Enterprise and Brand of 2019 in Waste Recycling. President Mr. Ma was rewarded as the Leader of the Waste Recycling of 2019.
  • Nov. 2019
    The high-speed intelligent separator and the technology was planned as the city-level key R&D project
  • Jun. 2019
    First delivery of type60-a small scale crusher for industrial waste
  • May, 2019
    The first large-scale crusher for industrial waste was ordered.
  • Apr. 2019
    Won the 1st bidding of C&D waste crusher project.
  • Apr. 2019
    “Jiangsu Vancen Environmentally Technology Co., Ltd.” changed into “Vancen Environmentally Technology Co., Ltd. ”
  • Apr. 2019
    President Ma and his company Goldenma were elected as the first president and President unit of Taicang Intelligent Manufacturing Association.
  • Mar. 2019
    One of the 1st three setters of the industrial standard Crushing Equipment for C&D Waste
  • Jan. 2019
    Vancen was approved with 2 copyrights by its Recycling Creates Value and Recycling Technology
  • Dec. 2018
    Firstly listed in the Provincial New Product and New Technology Catalogue
  • Nov. 2018
    Firstly approved as New Product and New Technology by Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Jiangsu Province
  • Aug. 2018
    VANCEN Environment Technology Co., Ltd. was registered
  • Nov. 2017
    Identified as Suzhou City-level Engineering Technology Research - City Waste Crusher Engineering Technology Research Center
  • Sept. 2017
    Brilliantly shown at the 16th China Manufacturing Expo as a representative of famous new products from Suzhou
  • Jun. 2017
    The 1st Staff Proposal Conference founded and the 1st Technology Innovation Award was set up
  • Mar. 2017
    The company name was changed to “Taicang Goldenma Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.”
The national-level BAT
“Mountain Goat” Enterprise
High-tech Enterprise
Jiangsu province-level "The Most Growing High-tech Enterprise" of 2021
High Quality Resource Utilization and Innovation Institute devoted to C&D waste recycling
Suzhou City-level Enterprise Technology Center
Quality Management System Certificate
EU CE Certification authorized Enterprise
Professional Contracting Qualification for Construction Mechanical and Electrical Installation Grade IEnvironmentally Professional Contracting Qualification Grade I;Environmentally Professional Contracting Qualification Grade II
Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate
New Product and New Technology Appraisal Acceptance Certificate
Environment Management System Certificate